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אתר המשפט הפלילי Law - English,מידע כללי it is law. The majority is struggling

it is law. The majority is struggling

The penal reform became law with strokes of confidence after the Senate , but the House has approved a bill that was able to complete his journey in Parliament almost after almost four years. Montecitorio first confirmed the confidence of the Gentiloni government with 320 yes, 149 no and one abstention. But the discomfort within the majority came out at the time of the vote on the provision, passed with only 267 yes and 136 no.

Popular Alternative of Angelino Alfano has defected the House almost en bloc, the parliamentary group of the UDC  has voted against, while Article 1-Mdphe abstained. But above all he has voted against – from the parliamentary tables and not those of the executive – the Minister for Regional Affairs Enrico Costa ,

Alfano's right-hand man and career as an ultragarantist even at the time of the PDL and the legal troubles of Silvio Berlusconi . Ap's decision to leave the Chamber at the time of voting was explained as an act of responsibility. "If Davigo is against this law, it means that something good must be there …" he said in the Hall Ferdinando Adornatoin the name of the alfaniani, who have called themselves "miners" of the Gentiloni government because "we want it to arrive at the end of the term, we are against the fibrillations that damage the country". For former Pd instead the shadows prevail, as explained Danilo Leva ,

hence the abstention. Contraria Forza Italia : "The 95 paragraphs of this text – says Francesco Paolo Sisto in the Chamber that the lawyer is working, including Silvio Berlusconi – will be inserted as many viruses in the judicial system, with a stunning codicism impossible to digest". For the Cinquestelle the reform "is a havoc".

Last March, even at Palazzo Madama , it took confidence to approve the bill , modified by the senators in the justice commission after the first approval of the Chamber on September 23, 2015. Today, two years after that vote, Montecitorio finally approved the law. But again with the vote of confidence, an inevitable choice for holding the majority, but that made all the oppositions jump on the chair .

The National Magistrates Association remains critical "Recourse to trust is a stretch . Although the bill has been examined by Parliament for three years, the contributions of legal practitioners, and in particular of the ANM, have been provisioned. There has been no proactive dialogue and the final text, voted by the Chamber, despite several positive content,

dissatisfied all the categories interested in the proper functioning of justice ", comments the magistrates' union. "The rules on the avocation – always adds the ANM – will create serious disservices in the offices and even the wiretapping and prescription regimes will not satisfythe needs of citizens. Today a path has been interrupted that could have made a real contribution to the justice machine, improving its efficiency ".

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